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Leadership Foundation and Responsible Organizations (FLOR) first performed FLOR delivery of Diversity Awards in the Assembly Hall of the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires, the which attended over 170 people, including members of companies and nominated organizations, the network foundation, participants of academic programs, journalists and officials from the Ministry of Social Development.

FLOR Diversity Award was created with the objective of spread the subject and recognize organizations that are working on issues of inclusion and diversity to become beacons that illuminate the other organizations and motivate to generate a real change in society.

The awards process began with the dissemination of the proposal and the call addressed to the organizations that to apply should describe those policies used to manage diversity internally that they provide the people who make them an environment in which they can develop, that contemplate the plurality of perspectives and that from their implementation encourage actions such as the promotion of more women in places of decision, the incorporation of employees with skills different, and staff regardless of their sexual orientation or age.

Then a Jury of Honor composed of representatives of excellence the public sector, consulting and academia as Bernardo Kosacoff, Luis Ovsejevich, Maria Rigou, Andrea Grobocopatel, Sofia Torroba, Bea Pellizari, Daniel Arroyo, Víctor Garelik, Lucas Utrera and Alejandro Melamed met to thoroughly evaluate each case and select the winners.whole process was audited by the international consulting firm BDO.

According to the characteristics of the nominated candidates, 3 categories were defined understanding the differences in scope and ways to address diversity in both the size or type of organization.

The winner the large companies category was Gire (Rapipago), a nationwide organization that includes people with disabilities, conducts programs to encourage employees to share ideas to improve the company's management and provides training for women over 40 who want reintegrated into the workplace.

In SMEs category, the winner was Veneta Rosario, one rosarina managed printing company led by two women who prioritize diversity among its employees and environmental care. From its payroll of 24 employees, there are 5 with different capacities and one in a situation of vulnerability recovered from addictions. The directors firmly believe that the engine of a company is based on its human resources.

In addition, a special mention was given to the NGO Fundación Discar that for 25 years has been promoting the social inclusion of people with disabilities through proposals that teach them to live in relation to others, work on equal terms, develop emotional life , enjoy art and sports.

The event ended with the presentation of women who make the network of FLOR from its participation in the program corporate governance with a gender perspective MED (Women in places of Decision). From a "talent show", a group of women and their respective professional achievements and interests were presented with the final objective of reinforcing the message, on the one hand, of the importance of forming women leaders to occupy positions of decision, and on the other, to connect them in networks that allow them to be promoted and projected, the main objective of the last two years of FLOR.

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