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The Leadership and Responsible Organizations Foundation (FLOR) held for the second consecutive year the delivery of the FLOR Diversity Awards in the Assembly Hall of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, which was attended by more than 150 people , among members of companies, MeD graduates, postulated organizations, the foundation's network and journalists. While the evening was conducted by Tete Coustarot and Agustina Torchio Grobocopatel.


The FLOR Diversity Awards were created with the aim of spreading the theme and recognizing organizations that are already working on issues of inclusion and diversity so that they become lighthouses that illuminate the other organizations and motivate them to generate a real change in society.

The awards process began with the spread of the proposal and the call addressed to organizations to run should describe those policies used to manage internal diversity that provide people that make an environment where they can develop, contemplating the plurality of perspectives and from its implementation promote actions such as promoting more women in decision making, the inclusion of employees with disabilities, and staff regardless of their sexual orientation or age.

Then one Honor Jury composed of representatives of excellence from the public sector, Consulting and academia such as Bernardo Kosacoff, Luis Ovsejevich, María Rigou, Andrea Grobocopatel, Daniel Arroyo, Lucas Utrera, Eugenia Botta and Alejandro Melamed met to thoroughly evaluate each case and select the winners.whole process was audited by the international consulting firm BDO.

According to the characteristics of the postulates candidates categories defined understanding the differences in scope and ways to address diversity in both the size or type of organization.

The winner of the large company category was Accenture, one of the leading companies working these issues many years and the special mention for NGOs was to Diagonal, who works for the reemployment of people over 45 years.

There was also a panel of graduates of the MeD Program - Women in Decision - and Gabriel Corrado officiated as a moderator asking them about the changes they noticed after participating in FLOR.

During the event the president of the Andrea Grobocopatel Foundation, said that FLOR wants generate  organizations that function more responsibly every day. Understand that in the world we are all different, we all have something to contribute, right to work, to be heard, to be included. But a leader only has a hard time, he needs followers, he needs institutions and organizations because they are the ones that have to be grouped behind common objectives to defend and align interests, to avoid transaction costs, to teach us to dialogue, to reach consensus, to learn to overcome individual interests over "OF ALL" to change paradigms and to make collective constructions. We want to move from speeches, panels, to action and transformation, so we make programs like the MeD (Women in Decision). That is why the FLOR Award to promote change. Finally, he shared the phrase of Ban Kin-moon, former secretary of the United Nations: “Equality for women: progress for all.

«Countries in which there is more gender equality experience greater economic growth. Companies that count with more women leaders, they achieve better returns. Peace agreements that include women are more durable. Parliaments in which there are more women pass more laws on key social issues such as health, education, the fight against discrimination and . child support tests leave no doubt: equality for women means progress for all.»

Foundation FLOR  expands its mission with a commitment to promote the value of diversity and inclusion

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