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FLOR Foundation once again made FLOR Diversity Awards in the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires, with the purpose of promoting Diversity management in Organizations .

In his third year FLOR Foundation expands its mission with a commitment to promote the value of diversity and inclusion.

Responsible Leadership and Organizations Foundation made delivery of FLOR Diversity Awards which more than 200 people accompanied between business leaders and organizations from various sectors and industries, social organizations and civil associations, special guests and whole network flower year after year say yes to a more just and inclusive society in its richest diversity.

This Prize was born to promote Diversity Management and recognize the great work that many organizations are already doing to grow towards a path of greater inclusion. Many organizations have already started working to create and develop a culture that gives value to differences and that includes the wealth that is in each person who is part of that community. Some organizations today are an example of this search and open their doors to tell us how they do it.


Many organizations that applied for this award to tell and describe in detail what are the strategies they are developing to manage diversity. Also shared policies and actions that carry out within your organization so that people can develop in an environment that includes the plurality of perspectives, skills, opinions, ideas, preferences and gender.

Some steps are creating new policies internal, the implementation of programs that seek to promote, for example, the promotion of more women in places of decision, the incorporation of employees with disabilities, training programs, discussion networks or containment in specific topics and more and more strategies that help achieve greater purpose which is to become a more inclusive society.

The Jury of Honor composed of Daniel Arroyo (National Deputy), Luis Ovsejevich (Founder and President of laFundaciónKonex), Bernardo Kosacoff (Economist. Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and the Universidad Di Tella), Fabiana Tuñez (Executive Director of the IN AM), Lucas Utrera (Director of Sustainability of SMS Latin America), Laura Gaidulewickz (Founder and Director of BindenGroup), Alejandro Melamed (General Director of HumanizeConsulting) and Andrea Grobocopatel (President of Foundation FLOR) met to thoroughly evaluate each case and select To the winners.whole process was audited by the international consulting firm BDO.

According to the characteristics of the nominated candidates, 3 categories were defined understanding the differences in scope and ways to address diversity in both the size or type of organization.

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