Foundation Leadership and Responsible Organizations (FLOR) is the institution Organizer of this Prize, whose bases and conditions are detailed below.

Flor 2019 Awards recognize organizations better manage diversity, defined as companies, NGOs, public institutions and government.

Of the award categories are:

  1. Large Business

  2. SMEs

  3. NGOs

  4. Public Sector

  5. LatAm


For categories A to D, the highest recognition will be the FLOR Diversity Award, which consists of a non-economic institutional recognition.

LatAm to the category will award one or more Honorable Mentions those organizations that demonstrate best practices in diversity management are.

Parameters to select winning organizations:

  • To integrate the ideas and practices of diversity management from day to day.

  • That enhance individual difference to achieve greater creativity by applying it to specific things.

  • That they celebrate and promote the differences between the members to be able to learn and grow thanks to them.

  • That have internal and external policies on Diversity Management.

  • That seek to multiply their actions to the society in which they develop.


The application is completed by completing an application form where organizations can capture the description of their diversity strategy, their actions and their metrics. The form must be completed in its entirety.


After the closing of the application period (it ends on Friday, August 30, 2019), an Honor Jury will choose 3 organizations for each category, which will go to the final instance. This, composed of representatives of excellence from the public sector, consulting and academia, will meet to discuss, exchange points of view and select the best three, based on the parameters outlined above. For each category there will be a winning organization.


In the event that none of the candidates is one or more categories will not meet a minimum threshold of parameters, the Jury reserves the right to leave the prize for the vacant category. In which case, the Jury may also decide to give one or more special mentions to those organizations that, not being able to meet the total requirements to be winners, have good practices that they wish to make visible.


Winning organizations may reapply after three (3) years of receiving recognition.

Multinational organizations may only apply to the headquarters located in the Argentine Republic.


The prizes will be delivered at an important event. The entire process will be audited by BDO, which is the 5th global network of auditing, taxes, outsourcing and consulting.

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