TRAINING: That women are prepared and trained to continue rising if they wish and occupy senior management positions in organizations, a central factor to accelerate women presence and diversity in the governance of institutions in general.


SELF-KNOWLEDGE AND COACHING: That women review their personal projects, identifying and removing the mental models that limit them to access these positions.


NETWORKS: Strengthening networks among women is a central objective of FLOR. For this we created the FLOR Club and MED World.


Those women who have the responsibility to lead or act decisively in the definition of the corporate strategy of companies or organizations and who intend to develop their own leadership valuing the gender perspective.


Participants will share Training, Self-Knowledge and Coaching sessions focused on leadership models that give a specific response to the challenge of the place of professional women in an increasingly competitive, complex and volatile world. Sharing spaces of experience, reflection and action. Strengthening to become number 1 in organizations, participate in panels, interviews and be more protagonists in companies.


GENDER PERSPECTIVE. Gender mainstreaming in decision making.

MED World. Meetings of "MED graduates" with the objective of strengthening from the creation of local and international ties, working for more women to occupy a chair at decision tables, adding value and contributing a gender perspective to the analysis of current problems and The vision of the future.


Workshop "Living a Directory".  Workshop focused on the work of the participants and the transfer of what they learned to the experience of a board meeting. Activity based on experience, reflection and action.


General Direction of Andrea Grobocopatel. Director and guide of the program, participates contributing her experience as a shareholder and director of the family business, but above all, sharing her learning and experiences as a woman leader, professional and mother.

Fundación Flor - Tel. (+54 9) 11 55817679 - Mail: info@flor.org.ar

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