General introduction

Globalization imposes changes at speeds not previously experienced, which implies constant adaptability to new contexts. The creation of value in the company currently comes hand in hand with the proper functioning of organizations, as well as innovation and creativity; these require participatory and divergent processes. At this point, good governance practices and diversity take on a central value. The former in both allow institutions stability and adaptability; the second, seeks to articulate different points of view and experiences following a common objective.

Women, particularly in decision-making positions, can make the necessary contribution in organizations, providing a different point of view and new knowledge to them. However, for this to take place, several requirements should be noted:

Desire:  the first step towards access to decision-making positions is to want to be.

Confidence: dare to think that maybe we are as trained or have the necessary potential as anyone who wants the same.

Training: it is necessary to highlight what competencies we must have to reach that much desired role. Recognizing the need for knowledge in not-so-familiar areas is aiming at excellence.

Leadership: conceive new forms of work and team management, seeking consensus and articulation.

Cultural change: the increase of women in senior management requires not only changes in the culture of companies, but also changes in the role of women in the home and in society as a whole.

From Fundación FLOR we recognize diversity and sustainability as axes of the organizations of the present. In this framework, we present Women in Decision (MED): a government program with a gender perspective, one of a kind in the region, which seeks to give a specific response to the challenge of incorporating women into high spheres.

Together with recognized professionals and specialists we will share a training space to incorporate new knowledge and tools, develop skills and strengthen strategic aspects that allow greater participation and leadership of professional women in decision places.

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