We want to achieve strong and strong institutions with good governance practices, that managing diversity are sustainable, achieving a better world for future generations.


Insert women in driving positions in all orders.

Achieve women's economic autonomy in such a way that independence allows them not to be subjected to violence or discrimination.


Bring the supply and demand of people with disabilities in the labor market closer.


Promote good practices of organizational governance: accountability, transparency, information, communication, planned successions, governance.


To collaborate in the development of responsible business and social leaders who assume the task of motoring institutions or organizations a more just society.


2015 - Found the Women's Club in the Board of Directors and Entrepreneurs Club that allow women to consolidate networks, links and strengthen their development opportunities.


2016 - Generate a program and network of young leaders, trained in the work of responsible strengthening of companies and institutions.


2017 - Encourage and participate in labor insertion programs for people with disabilities in the communities of Route 5.


Predisposition towards giving and comprehending others. It is a trait for which people contribute with their personal time and resources without expecting anything in return, and without a proper recognition or reward. This attribute tends to seek for the general welfare.

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