The “FLOR” consists of a stem and its calyx, represented with an arrow aiming upwards which symbolizes a positive, productive and tenacious attitude. This is what we are wishing to bloom in every leader, so that by means of the coordination among others, they can create a better world from their fields of daily work. We believe that each and every one of us is able to produce a change and to improve our environment. It is from that attitude on that FLOR will be able not only to support and counsel, but also to demand explanations from whoever is making the decisions that endanger the destiny of our society.

Green is also the colour of nature par excellence. It represents harmony, growth, hope, exuberance, fertility and freshness. Sustainable development is the pillar of our project, identified with the colour green, which entails the responsibility of all of us in preserving the destiny of future generations.

The corolla is shaped by four petals of different size, which embodies diversity and inclusion. As well as obtaining results from the social, economic and environmental levels, each organization has the commitment to promote diversity in all its forms, given that this feature is the fourth pillar of sustainable development. Nowadays, diversity is a key factor to face the complexity and the impetuosity of the current world, which can only be dealt with the proper coordination of different points of view, abilities and life experiences.

The magenta colour on the petals evokes dedication, support, kindness and serenity, as well as vitality and enthusiasm. These traits are essential to build up a respectful environment of diversity and they praise the legitimacy of personal, social and cultural differences.

Finally, purple colour prevails at the back of the logo, and it suggests wisdom, creativity, independence and dignity. We hope that these four pillars would be the basis for the creation of responsible leaders and organizations.

Our Logo

The design has been developed to portray the aims and mission of our NGO [non-governmental organization].

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