FLOR was created on September 21st, 2012 with the aim of assembling the different actions that its founder, Andrea Grobocopatel, has been developing in fields such as the academic world, the social work and the local sphere. These efforts were undertaken as a way to nourish her roots and to contribute to the cultural changes that our country needs. She placed specific emphasis on Carlos Casares, the corridor of the state highway number 5, so that the inland part of the country would be a good place to live, able to retain and to flourish its talents. In order to do so, she tried to inflect others to feeling part of the change and produced learnings and transformations.

FLOR is the realization of a dream that invite each and every one of us to join, and to make it grow day by day from a network of people who believe that a better world is possible and that it is in ourselves to build it.

It is a space for all those people and institutions that are seeking to foster individuals with useful ideas; people who believe that the shaping of a better society is possible for us all; and people who are willing to lend a hand, to commit and to join others in order to carry the idea forward.

We want to share this dream, and to invite you to become active protagonists in the construction of a responsible society, where diversity and solidarity are sources of development, viability, respect and peace.

We are idealistic – although not naïve and realistic at the same time – and we carry out everything that is at our disposal to continue believing that a better society is necessary and possible.

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