Other Activities

Solidarity Marathon Carlos Casares

Every year in Carlos Casares a caring and inclusive marathon which accompanies the foundation since its inception is done. It takes place the first days of May in a competitive race of 10km and another participatory.

It is about participating in a solidarity event, a sports activity, a recreational and inclusive day with the final objective of raising funds to support the health area and mainly buying equipment for the Julio F. Ramos Municipal Hospital, the only hospitalization and care center of health of that locality. It is about adding small actions with a common objective that transcends us: BEING AND DOING COMMUNITY.

This year the objective is to raise funds for the installation of a typographer in the city's unique Hospital. Today the hospital does not have this equipment and to carry out this type of studies it is necessary to move to other locations.

Previous years thanks to the participation of whole community of Casares has managed install:

  • Meterblood gas

  • Respirator neonatal laboratory autoanalyzer (2012)

  • Mammography (2013)

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