This is a proposal submitted to all those women who need the support and the tools in order to acquire the necessary motivation to fulfil their own projects and dreams.

Women have much to say, to learn and to share. This is why FLOR NGO proposes generating an encounter in which they will attempt to strength entrepreneur characteristics on women; to go through and to uplift the self-esteem; and to believe that it is possible to accomplish what it is proposed. An added value in this workshop is the guideline of women who have already achieved these goals and who are still learning from it.

It is a Short-Term Training Workshop, organized in four meetings. It will provide those women who have not yet started with their undertaking or task in the community or organization with the first steps into their training as leaders. It will also allow those women who are already carrying out their task, to reaffirm their choice, to strengthen their internal decision and to be firmly predisposed to act.

It is intended for all those women who want to foster their desire of undertaking their own projects or who want to become a part of an organization or company. From the age of 25 onwards.

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